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Selecting the appropriate investment mix to meet your needs can be overwhelming. As a Financial Planner, I can shop the market for the best products at the best price and do NOT offer any in-house biased products. Following is a general overview of the products and services I offer.

Registered Acccount Types
  • RESP: Learn how to save for a child’s education using a Registered Education Savings Plan
  • RRSP: Save for retirement using a tax effective Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • RDSP: Learn the benefits of the new Registered Disability Savings Plan
  • RRIF: Convert your RRSP to retirement income using a Registered Retirement Income Fund
  • LIF: Convert your pension to retirement income using a Life Income Fund. This account is similar to a RRIF but there are withdrawal restrictions as can be seen in the link.
Non-registered Account Types
  • TFSA:  Take advantage of a Tax Free Savings Account for your investment and savings.
  • Non-Registered: Compare non-registered accounts with a RRSP.
Investment Options
  • Mutual Funds: Select the best funds from the best companies in the industry! Important information is contained in the following disclaimer.
  • Segregated Funds: The insurance industry offers investment funds with principal and maturity guarantees. Select the best funds from the best companies.
  • GICs: Shop the market for the best rates on Guaranteed Investment Certificates.
  • Annuities: Insurance companies provide guaranteed income for a specific term or for life.
  • Insured Annuity (Back to Back): Guaranteed, tax-preferred income for life which typically leaves more money in your pocket versus GICs
Financial Planning Services
  • Retirement Planning can determine if you are on track to meet your future retirement goals.
  • Retirement Income Planning can determine the best available options to meet your income needs.
  • Portfolio Review offers a 2nd opinion of your current investment portfolio.
  • Estate Planning helps to identify financial liabilities upon death and how to fund them.
  • Education Planning determines the best option to provide funding for education.
  • Insurance Review determines if you have the right amount and the right type of insurance.
Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
  • Risk Tolerance can be determined by answering a few general questions to determine your profile

Mutual Fund Disclaimer