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Choosing to leave a gift from the heart brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived. Charitable giving is your opportunity to participate in the charitable and community work most meaningful to you, in a way that allows these important causes to be well supported now and long after you have gone using a well-planned, tax-preferred strategy.

Ways To Give
  • Donor Advised Funds offer an affordable alternative to private family foundations, providing a simple, streamlined option for individuals and families who want flexibility in their giving. You get all the advantages of a private charitable foundation without the complex administration and cost. The minimum donation to open a fund is only $10,000. Click here to watch a short video from Dynamic Funds on Donor Advised Funds.
  • Life Insurance is often used for charitable giving and is quite affordable for the average person. If the charity is named beneficiary, a deferred tax benefit is realized when a tax receipt is issued to the estate upon your death. This leaves you in control to change the beneficiary. On the other hand, if you name the charity as both owner and beneficiary of the policy, you receive a tax receipt now for the premiums and the charity receives the insurance proceeds upon your death.
  • Donating Stocks and Mutual Funds (Securities) The Government encourages this practice by eliminating the capital gains tax on stocks and mutual funds donated directly to a registered charity. Money that would otherwise go to the Government for taxes can now be directed to your charity. Click on the Charitable Giving Calculators to see how donating costs pennies on the dollars
Charitable Giving Calculators